Cleaning jobs at House Soclean
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We are looking for experienced cleaners to work all over London areas in offices and private houses. You will be working as self employed person. We pay between £6.50-8/h, depending on experience.

To register, you will need to have a status (if applicable) which allows you to work in the U.K., Photo ID, cleaning experience, good spoken and understanding of English, a proof of address and 2 references. Must be honest, hardworking and very reliable.

How it works

Clients looking for cleaners contact us for cleaners near them. We take their requirements, including phone numbers and addresses  and send them to you via SMS. You can then accept or decline. Only the first cleaner to accept will get the job.

If you have no previous professional cleaning experience and want to learn how to clean a house professionally, our professional cleaning manual and videos will provide you provide with vital information essential for your daily cleaning tasks . This can be obtained for as little as £3.99 for a copy. Send your request to info@housesoclean.co.uk

Content includes: How to Organise your  Cleaning, Room cleaning Tips, Bathroom cleaning Tips, Kitchen Cleaning tips, Door cleaning Tips, Tiles cleaning Tips, Health & Safety, etc., all for only. Available in PDF & video Format.


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